Introduction to SVG-cards

Posted by David Bellot


SVG-cards is a set of decks of playing cards made using a XML-based language called SVG. The cards are made of geometric elements rather than a grid of pixels. So you can manipulate, transform, stretch and magnify every cards in SVG-cards without loss of quality. You can print them from the tiniest size of paper to the biggest one preserving the original quality of the design. You printing will always be perfect, even on T-shirts.

Being based on XML, SVG-cards works on all platform, from smartphones to all desktop computers, video games consoles, etc... This is a fully portable design. And, of course, it is perfect for embedding on web pages.

The first version has been released in 2004 and since then, SVG-cards has been used everywhere: games, websites, illustrations for books, courses, and even to make decorations for cakes and huge playing cards for children in summer camps !